The past 20 months in the global pandemic have stretched the boundaries of not only all our coffers, but also our mental and emotional well-being. For some individuals within all of our own circles, their very health have been greatly tested as well, with far too many of them sadly not being able to survive.

Such tragic stories are far too commonplace in the frontlines of hospitals nationwide where many real-life heroes have selflessly towed the line for us all, helping fight for the communities’ health, wellness and recovery. Having gone through what we all have with COVID-19, one cannot help but admire the dedication, commitment and bravery of these frontliners who all bear their own unique emotional, physical and mental burdens out in their profession’s battlefield -- all while still carrying the stresses we laymen carry as they live their own personal lives amidst this ongoing crisis.

Now, the 2nd Yuletide Season wrestling with COVID-19 is upon us. During this season of hope during these trying times, Sydenham’s Laboratories Inc’s The Health eStore is trying to its part to help protect, fortify and sustain our brave frontliners. We invite you to do the same.

Do help out and donate Immunity & Stamina Care Packages to our frontline heroes. The Health eStore will match your donation and hand over DOUBLE what you pledged to frontliners on the field, all especially packaged and delivered in your name.

Your help will go certainly go a long way. Come, be part in Helping Our Heroes. Thank you.

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